Friday, 2 December 2011


ChatXM will have visitors to your site coming back again and again. And that means more sales and more traffic for you. The client has absolutely nothing to install or download. It all works seamlessly within your client's browser. Our standard ChatXM product can be further customized to fit your site's needs and requirements. If this is something you would like to explore, please contact us for more information and quotes. However, customization is not required and Chat XM will work out-of-the-box as is. Give your visitors something to talk about. Get Chat XM now!

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Chatroom mod for InvisionPowerBoard

The HMStudios Chatroom is a Modification for the Invision Power Board. This means that all security, password protection, and IPB MySQL Database are all shared. Display names, set from the chatroom, can be shown inside IPB. The in-chat E-mail link actually shows the IPB's e-mail link, instead of a e-mail address. This prevents SPAMBots from retriving the e-mail address. The Chatroom will work through any Firewall, proxy server, and also works on almost any computer. If the computer has Internet access, and is Y2K Complient, then it can view and use the chatroom. Featuring a secure ModeratorsCP, AdminCP, a UserCP, Display Names, E-mail and Website(user entered or from IPB User Database), color changing, online list, and user status changing(BRB, Away, busy). This chatroom works as one with IPB, remotely hosted, and completly brandable. Check it out now! Click on the website link and click on

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StringyChat 1.04
With the latest release combining better banned word and IP functionality, as well as a more intuitive Admin system, v1.04 have made a big step forward.

Lots more work is still needed to make StringyChat a stable system, however the current release allows a completely customisable format. Your site can have that special touch for visitors to post their contributions to your site with the security of having the ability to ban specific words and IP addresses, without the worry away of allowing visitors free roam to contribute.

All you need is a php enabled website, and access to a MySQL database. StringyChat will do the rest!

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